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13 most horrific facts about Halloween

In celebration and honour of this creepy and ominous day, we thought it only would be right to share the 13 most horrific facts about Halloween… Boooooooo!

But don’t worry, the only thing that is scary about Margate Beach Lodge is our unbelievable low prices.

So, let’s jump right into those facts.

Halloween is celebrated on the 31st of October on the eve of the Day of all Saints.

  1. Halloween is closely connected with a Celtic holiday of Samhain, which later passed on the day of honouring the dead in Ireland.
  2. The famous Jack-o’-lantern, aka pumpkin with eyes and mouth, was cut off the turnips.
  3. Some children suffer Samhain phobia, as they are afraid of everything connected with Halloween.
  4. Halloween is the most profitable holiday after Christmas.
  5. French Lemonge celebrated Halloween on its own. Hotels staff is wearing witches clothes serving their clients in these horrible way.
  6. Halloween clothes are meant in order to save oneself from the dark forces.
  7. Halloween is of two colours – black and orange. The first one stays for death and darkness, the second one – for harvest.
  8. Steven Clark hit the record in pumpkin cutting – he did Jack for 24 seconds.
  9. An old fun-game «trick or treat» came out from an old Celtic tradition to leave food and money outdoors in order to appease the ghosts.
  10. American towns Salem and Anoka are self-proclaimed capitals of Halloween.
  11. Owls are one of the Halloween symbols. In Medieval Europe, they were considered as witches.
  12. The most crowded Halloween event takes part in New York. Annually it gathers up to 50 000 participants.
  13. Monster Mash is an anthem of Halloween.

We would just like to give out shout out to Maxima Hotels who compiled this fun article.

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Source: http://maximahotels.ru/de/news/195/


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